Nerlens Noel to keep the UK logo in his hair throughout the season

Nerlens NoelFrom Nerlens’ final diary entry at  “What’s up, everyone. It’s the newest member of Big Blue Nation!   By now everyone knows that I picked Kentucky, and I am definitely happy with my decision and that it’s all finally over. I never let it get to the point that it stressed me out, but it was a lot to think about and it was a big decision so now I can just relax and focus on working to improve.   I know y’all liked the “UK” that I got cut into my head, right? I had been thinking about doing something big leading up to the decision, and that’s what I came up with. James McDonald from VIP Barbershop in Charlotte, N.C., hooked me up while I was in town for the Jordan Brand Classic. ”


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Posted by Walter Cornett

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