Comedian lobbies for Kentucky basketball fans to officially adopt the Hornets

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis (AP Photo/Kerry Maloney)

From Chris Trew of  :You guys, it happened. We got Anthony Davis! Did you forget? Nobody here at Hornets247 has forgotten – Michael McNamara takes naps with a Skynet doll. Joe Gerrity is steady composing poetry and begging us to go see him at open mics. Mason Ginsberg and Jake Madison are going to be a unibrow for Halloween and they spend their afternoons in the 247 offices knitting and sewing. Ryan Schwan named his dog Anthony and his other dog Davis. James Grayson is commuting to New Orleans from Australia for every home game. Jason Calmes is still Jason Calmes (which is weird enough) but man he talks about #23 a lot. Andrew Smith just films everything.  Here’s what I’m thinking. This team is going to be 2/12th’s Kentucky so New Orleans sports fans, it’s time for us to be okay with being okay with a rival SEC school…”


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Posted by Walter Cornett

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