DeMarcus Cousins became a father 5 months ago. And lost 20 lbs over the summer.

DeMarcus Cousins and Michael Kidd-GilchristShould Cousins become a mainstay on the Western Conference All-Star team, he has the potential to be an All-Interview regular as well.  Sometimes surly, other times comedic or insightful, and always unfiltered, Cousins is a reporter’s dream when it comes to — as the kids say — keeping it real. In a 30-minute chat, he didn’t hold back on a number of touchy topics.   Cousins revealed for the first time that his former girlfriend from his hometown of Mobile, Ala., gave birth to his son, Amir, five months ago. It was, to be clear, one of the few times in the interview that he offered a hearty smile, speaking of how fatherhood had changed his perspective:  “It’s fun. I’m enjoying it. You’ve got to grow up fast. It’s an added responsibility. Now you’re not just a role model for the fans, you’re a role model for someone who is actually looking up to you. It changes your mindset.”

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Posted by Walter Cornett

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