‘Rupp’s Runts’ defied the odds reaching title game

Rupps Runts
Rupps Runts

From KyKernel.com:  “This series counts down the greatest UK basketball teams of all time. No. 1 will be revealed in the Kernel’s basketball season preview edition on Nov. 7. Here is No. 9: the 1965-66 Cats known as “Rupp Runts.”  In the fall of 1965, expectations of Kentucky basketball were gloomy. People were predicting a losing season for head coach Adolph Rupp, which would be his first. They were believed to be too small to compete, with no starter taller than 6-foot-5.  “Rupp’s Runts” were primarily Louie Dampier, Pat Riley, Larry Conley, Tommy Kron, and Thad Jaracz .At this point in basketball history, recruiting began to change. Other teams around the country were getting bigger and UK was having a more difficult time lasting in the NCAA tournament.”


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Posted by Walter Cornett

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