Billy Gillispie arrested for DUI: Video

Former basketball Coach has had a run-in with the law and has been jailed.  The arrest occurred at 2:45 a.m. Thursday morning in Anderson County near Lawrenceburg. Gillispie, along with passenger Charles O’Conner, 42, was driving in a white Mercedes with tags. Police were called after someone reported seeing the car driving erratically.


WLEX is reporting that Gillispie refused to take a breathalizer or blood alcohol test and that he told police he and O’Conner had been golfing.


Gillispie and O’Conner were taken to the Franklin County Jail where it is reported they are still being held.


UPDATE:  Former basketball coach has left a central Kentucky jail following an arrest on a charge of driving under the influence.  Gillispie’s lawyer, Darran Winslow of Louisville, says Gillispie was released on his own recognizance, but declined further comment.