WildcatWorld.com has over 1 million hits for October. Thanks for your support!

As of today, October 21, 2009, WildcatWorld.com has had over 1 million hits for the month of October alone.  This is a record for me and that’s saying something.  If you’re not familiar with WildcatWorld.com, it has been around since 1996 when it was just a simple webpage hosted on a small 5 megabyte chunk of space provided to me free by my internet service provider when I lived in Dallas, when the internet was still fairly new to most and when I was far removed from my hometown in the Bluegrass State.  It took me several years to get a million hits back then.  In 1998, I registered the domain name of Wildcatworld.com for my own little piece of the web.  During the latter part of the Tubby era I slowly began to lose my passion for basketball and stopped updating the website regularly.  Then, at the beginning of 2005 I got called up from inactive status in the Army Reserves (I was a commissioned officer) and went to Iraq, then to Afghanistan as a defense contractor, and I stopped updating the site completely relying on a pull of an RSS feed to update news on my website.  I returned to the states but Billy Clyde did nothing to revive my passion for Kentucky basketball and the site remained as is, very static in nature.  In April, as we all know, was hired as the new head coach for Kentucky basketball and suddenly I was energized and finally excited about Kentucky basketball again.  I converted WildcatWorld.com to a blog…well, it’s really more than just a blog…and the rest is history.  With that in mind, thanks to John Calipari and the Wildcats for reinvigorating my passion for Kentucky basketball and to my many supporters and visitors for making WildcatWorld.com the success it is today.  Thank you.