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Is a rift developing between John Wall and John Calipari?

Mainstream media is reporting that is frustrated.  Alan Cutler of WLEX in Lexington, Larry Vaught of the Danville Advocate Messenger and John Clay of the Lexington Herald-Leader have each reported on it within the past couple days after comments were made by John Wall leading to that conclusion.  Could a rift be developing between and John Wall?  I watched The John Calipari Show this past Sunday on Fox Sports and caught something which made me do a double-take.  During a segment called Wildcat Recap in raw footage of Calipari speaking to the team in the locker room following the home win against Arkansas, Calipari makes a statement then follows it up with a question.  He states, “I just tell you the truth.  Am I right?  Immediately following that you can clearly hear a player say “No.”  You then see and look right at John Wall. Both follow their looks up with laughter.  Was John Wall just trying to be funny by making a smart comment or has a rift developed between player and coach?  I don't know but if the case is the latter, it is not a good sign.  With all the talk of the John Wall frustration, one certainly has to wonder.  Video is below.


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