About the new Kentucky Nike HyperElite uniforms

Back of New Uniform - photo from UKAthletics.com
Back of New Uniform - photo from

From UKAthletics.com.  Click image to zoom.


Eight universities will debut in 2010 the Hyperelite basketball uniform.


The EliteFit system, a jersey/short layered over a padded base layer, is designed to address the games’ increased physicality.


Aerographics relate team spirit and history in a breathable, lightweight graphical mesh innovation relevant to each school.



Aerographic technology


  • Developed for the Beijing Olympics, engineered mesh provides zoned cooling
  • Unnecessary fibers are removed, creating mesh that reduces up to half the yarn in jersey
  • Comprehensive curation and school-specific design seamlessly integrated into lighter-weight garment
  • Creates natural convection flow, drawing heat from back of the body


University Inspiration


  • Checkered ‘pattern of excellence’ inspiration from racing silks worn by Secretariat – contains Wildcats national championship years.
  • Roses symbolize Derby
  • Illustration represents Lexington campus’s historical Memorial Hall.
  • The wildcat school mascot is a design focal point


Material innovation


  • Lightweight, quick-drying woven material of 6-ounce-short enables superior moisture management.


Cooling features


  • Laser perforations allow for increased air flow, breathability