Lord knows what Rick Pitino might be telling Kentucky recruit Marquis Teague

Rick Pitino

I have to agree with RushtheCourt.net’s assessment on this one.  If you haven’t heard, Pitino announced in a press conference the other day that none of his underclassmen were going anywhere.  What he meant was none were declaring early for the draft to the best of his knowledge.  Shortly after that the Jamaica Basketball Association announced that player Samardo Samuels would be declaring for the draft.  Rumor has it that Samuels had been working on his draft paperwork for several weeks prior to that announcement.  This made it clearly apparent that Pitino doesn’t communicate with his players and doesn’t seem to know what exactly is going on with his program.  So what is he whispering in the ear of Marquis Teague?  That he can put his future safely in his hands because he has his best interests at heart?  Come on, Ricky.  Hopefully Mr. Teague will see through his thin veil of sincerity and, in an announcement scheduled for 1:30 pm tomorrow, join the Big Blue Nation.

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