Demarcus Cousins’ attitude: fire, intensity, and the desire to flat-out destroy his opponent

Demarcus Cousins

I think we finally have our Psychological Man. His name, much to my utter surprise and possible chagrin, is DeMarcus Cousins.  As long as this site’s been live, we’ve harped on player psychology. Not “what is a point guard thinking in the clutch”, but as best we can, tried to determine what makes these dudes tick. Especially when, as it so very not the case in other sports, uniform execution simply won’t do, and the decisions players make—their respective styles, if you will—can’t help but reveal something about them as people. It may be only a thin breach here and there, through which little light is admitted, or gaping blast of individuality, but either way there’s humanity in them there ball players.

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