ESPN’s Skip Bayless does the John Wall Dance

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Video: Demarcus Cousins scratches With DJ Neil Armstrong

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Photo: The Kentucky Draft Cats (Cousins, Wall, Patterson, Bledsoe and Orton)

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Kentucky great Larry Conley believes NCAA may cease to exist in 5-8 years

College basketball television analyst Larry Conley says he won’t be surprised if there isn’t an NCAA…

Video: John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins teach you how to Dougie

Former Cat Demarcus Cousins models new uniform for Sacramento Kings

Revealed by the NBA on Twitpic, the Sacramento Kings’s uniforms will have a different look from the…

Video: John Wall is finding his groove as he adapts to his new surroundings

His energy level oscillated all day, as he dribbled, danced, posed for pictures – and yawned.…

Photo: Michael Gilchrist on the cover of Basketball Times, August edition

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Former Cat John Wall on his new jersey, origins of his dance

John Wall fittingly was the first model for the Wizards slightly new look, as he put…