It’s time to bounce back

Bounce Back

thinks tomorrow’s game is a great game because it’s a bounce back game. I agree. And what better way to bounce back then against on their home court. This is what he had to say about tomorrow’s game: “It’s a good game for us to play right now – great game.” Why? “Because it’s a bounce back game and you better bounce back, and you’re going to do it against another team and they’re not going to go away. So, you’re going to have to play the entire 40 minutes and we have to find out at some point this year when will we do it because we haven’t done it yet. We’ve played for 30 minutes and 32 minutes, we’ve not been close to a 40-minute game. So, this one, you better challenge yourself. You make a basket, you better not go back and say now I’m good and they score quickly. If you do that you have no chance of winning the game.”

Go Cats!