Statistically Terrence Jones is slumping in his past six SEC games

Terrence Jones
Terrence Jones - photo by Walter Cornett |

of takes a look at how America’s top freshmen have progressed throughout the season. He even looks at and from last year. Interesting read. He says this about Jones: “Kentucky’s Jones, like Wall in ’09-10, started out at an elite level. But the four-man from Portland, Ore., has been slumping in his past six games, resulting in a downward trendline. He doesn’t have to be the Wildcats’ sole scorer — Knight, and are capable, too — but when Jones is properly exploiting mismatches and taking quality shots on the interior, he tends to post big numbers. His November was vastly superior to Barnes’, but that no longer matters: It’s hard to envision making a deep tournament run unless Jones corrects his trajectory.”

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