Calipari to Miller: ‘Why don’t you want to be great?’

Calipari held a post- press conference today at Joe Craft. He covered a lot of territory to include questions about Darius Miller’s role.  The transcript released by is trimmed up quite a bit.  You’ll have to listen to the to get whole context of the conversation regarding Miller.  Calipari regarding Miller from transcript:  “We like him to be aggressive, come up with balls. Don’t have a 6’2 guy on you and keep ball  faking, just go do the stuff we all know you are capable of doing. We’ve all seen him do it. If he plays tough and is aggressive offensive and defensively then we are really good, if he doesn’t then we’ll be fine, he just won’t play much but we’ll be fine. He’s capable of being the Tournament MVP, he did it last year. His run at the end of the year is what elevated our team. He’s playing fine (this year). I don’t like fine or good, that’s our enemy. You don’t want to be good, try to be great. Do the things you are capable of doing every day in practice and every game. You have to come with the mentality that you are going to work on everything and get better. That’s not just for him, that’s
for everybody.”