How to help storm victims

American Red CrossAs you may know already, the death toll in from Friday’s tornado outbreak is now at least twelve. Fatalities have been recorded in Menifee, Kenton, Laurel and Morgan counties and more than two hundred people have been injured statewide.  Governor Steve Beshear has declared a statewide state of emergency, clearing the way for local officials to seek state disaster and other assistance.  The governor has also authorized the deployment of some 275 National Guard troops to the hardest hit areas.  The severe weather that struck Kentucky spawned at least 13 tornadoes.


Users have asked how they can help storm victims.The single best way to help disaster survivors is with a cash donation to a legitimate relief agency, such as the American Red Cross, operating in the area. The type and amount of items needed can change hourly in pace with the rapidly evolving emergency situation. Cash is more flexible and allows voluntary agencies to more quickly acquire the supplies needed to address the most urgent needs.  Well-meaning individuals who show up to help without prior contact or coordination with disaster management personnel can further complicate or even hinder response and recovery operations already under way.  For more information about other ways to help, click here.  People can help those affected by disasters like the tornadoes and storms by making a donation to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief. For more information on donating to the Red Cross, visit