Calipari doesn’t remember recruiting Baylor’s Quincy Miller

Baylor’s was recruited by and came very close to becoming a Wildcat before choosing Baylor.  Calipari was asked about Miller today:  “I liked, again, his athleticism, his length. What a great young man, too, just a wonderful person.  He’s one of those guys. You look for long, athletic, skilled players. That’s what he is.”  When asked if he thought Miller was close to becoming a Wildcat:  “You know what, it was a while ago, so I don’t know if it ever got to that. I don’t know that he ever visited campus or any of that. I think that he had interest. There are a lot of players that have that interest in Kentucky and it doesn’t go that far. I don’t think he ever visited. I don’t believe so, anyway.”  Quincy did visit.  More than once if I remember right.  And he was very, very keen on Kentucky as you can see below.


Quincy Miller at Kentucky-Georgia Game - photo by Walter Cornett |