Anthony Davis speaks at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago

Anthony Davis "Check My Stats"
"Check My Stats"

From Kyle Tucker of the :   “Look out for lots of coverage of the six players here at the Combine in Chicago. All six met with the media here today and you can find videos of them all already on our site.  We'll kick things off, though, with the complete transcript (and video) of Anthony Davis, who will be selected No. 1 overall by the – unless he loses a limb between now and the June 28 draft.  One note before Davis' thoughts. He showed up wearing a “Check My Stats” T-shirt. Later in the day, Kansas star Thomas Robinson made a wise crack when he heard that's what Davis, who beat him out for National Player of the Year, had on. Robinson said if it was based on stats, he'd be the No. 1 pick, adding: “Gotta get me one of those shirts.” Well then.”


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