It would be cool to get a text from John Calipari while out to lunch with friends

LeBron James and John Calipari - photo by David Coyle |
and John Calipari - photo by David Coyle |

Starting at the end of this week, men’s basketball will become the guinea pig of a new rule that allows college coaches unlimited contact via phone calls and text messages to recruits who have finished their sophomore year of high school. While this may not seem like huge news, the altered rule actually represents a massive change from current guidelines that prohibit coaches from texting players and allow just one call per month to a recruit. Instead of one monthly nerve-racking phone conversation, high school kids can now feel more comfortable with coaching staffs through open dialogue, and that’s a good thing. But by the same token, coaches are now given free rein to unleash their manipulative pitches without restriction, a privilege that some might abuse. There is a thin line between showing persistence and being a nuisance so coaches must show caution with how they adapt to the new freedoms.


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