Kyle Wiltjer is one of ESPN’s 10 potential breakout players

Kyle Wiltjer - photo by Walter Cornett |
Kyle Wiltjer – photo by Walter Cornett |

The fine people over at .com took a break from celebrating the hire of Darren Rovell to compile a list of ten potential breakout players to keep an eye on during this upcoming college basketball season. In Today’s Top 10 Thursday, Eammon Brennan looks at players that haven’t broken out yet, but who could become key components in the national college hoops conversation next season.   is one of them.  They say:  “I’m not sure it’s possible, in 2012, to be a Wildcat and also be under the radar. But if it is possible, Wiltjer fits the bill. The lanky forward was the seventh man in ’s championship rotation last season, and he made timely contributions throughout the season.”


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