Kentucky involved in several of the 50 most-viewed sporting events of 2012

Kentucky, with the MLB All-Star Game marking the unofficial halfway point of the sports calendar, took a  look at the fifty most-viewed sporting events of the year thus far.  As is typical, the NFL leads the list.  The twelve most-viewed sporting events of the year were all NFL games, with the Super Bowl topping the list with a U.S. television record 111.346 million viewers.  Among the non-NFL programs, January’s / BCS National Championship Game ranks thirteenth on the list, with an audience of 24.214 million viewers on ESPN.  Not far behind, the /Kansas Tournament title game ranks fifteenth (20.869M), and the clinching game of the Heat/Thunder Finals ranks seventeenth (18.416M).  The vs Final Four showdown ranked 25th and the Kentucky vs Sweet Sixteen rematch ranked 46th.


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