Former Cat Tayshaun Prince preaches what he practices

Tayshaun Prince - photo by Walter Cornett |
Tayshaun Prince – photo by Walter Cornett |

took a little time to teach the game of basketball last week.  Eighty girls and boys in Grades 4-6 from the area attended a three-day basketball camp where Prince was one of the main attractions.  Prince, a 10-year veteran of the Pistons and a former standout, didn’t just make a brief appearance.  He was there every day for the entire six hours, participating in all the drills and working with each camper.  “When I was a kid in California, I went to basketball camps run by guys like Magic Johnson, A.C. Green, Michael Cooper. I felt I could learn a lot from them to continue on the path I wanted to be on,” said Prince, who is from Compton, Calif. “I want to provide that same thing for these kids, and put smiles on their faces.”


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