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Kentucky recruits Gordon, Randle and Aaron Harrison star in Under Armour Elite 24 game

Under Armour Elite MVPsThe on-court template for high school All-Star Games has long been established: flashy passes, crossover dribbles, copious alley-oops and minimal defense. What sets the Under Armour Elite 24 Game apart from its fellow dunkfests is the atmosphere.  This is streetball, baby. Played on a spectacular sun-splashed afternoon in Southern California, today's game was played on the famous courts of Venice Beach, with announcers Bobbito Garcia and Joe Pope “calling” the action—by cajoling, encouraging, nicknaming and teasing the players, coaches and referees.  What the announcers were charged with today was to keep the game from turning into a non-stop fastbreak. And they did. With constant reminders to the kids to get back on defense and playful threats to have them pulled from the game, Kool Bob Love and Pope made it clear to this collection of future college (and in many cases, NBA) stars that they were being watched.


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