Can anyone take the title from the Cats?

John Calipari and NCAA Trophy - photo by David J. Phillip | AP
and Trophy – photo by David J. Phillip | AP

Andy Glockner of gives us a summer roundup of the SEC in his most recent article and one of the topics he looks at is whether anyone can take the title from Kentucky:  “Kansas will snicker, but the best hope may be Missouri. The Tigers only draw Kentucky once, though, and that game is in Lexington, so they have a head-to-head disadvantage. That said, with the return of Laurence Bowers and numerous impact transfers of their own, Mizzou should be very formidable in their league debut season. Florida should be pretty good with Patric Young, and Erik Murphy back along with some good freshmen. Tennessee, building off its success after arrived last season, could also be a threat. has four (after Tony Mitchell’s departure) starters back and adds a stud freshman; could the Tide threaten? It feels like Kentucky’s race to lose. We’ll see.”


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