Father of Trey Lyles calls Kentucky visit accusations ‘ridiculous,’ ‘retarded’ and ‘dumb’

Trey Lyles

Tom Lyles called accusations that his son visited in July “ridiculous,” “retarded” and “dumb” and said he and Trey visited the Kentucky campus for the first time a week ago.  Lyles was responding to comments made by Dan Dakich of 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis indicating that Trey, a 6-foot-8 power forward, visited Kentucky in July prior to his de-commitment from Indiana.  “I got it from a source, a very good source, that they went to Kentucky,” Dakich told SNY.tv by phone, adding that he had no proof of the visit other than what his source told him.  “And they told me July. Now, was it Aug. 1? I have no idea. They told me July. Nobody told me anybody met with coaches. Nobody told me any of that, just said they went to Kentucky in July.”


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