Nerlens Noel still embracing Kentucky craziness

Nerlens Noel - photo by Chet White |
Nerlens Noel – photo by Chet White |

thought he knew what was in store for him.  A recruit doesn’t choose these days without being aware of all that comes with it, particularly a prospect as hyped as Noel. When announcing his decision to the world, Noel showed a willingness to embrace the craziness by unveiling his choice by having the interlocking logo shaved into the back of his signature flat top.  He then saw his followers on social media go up by thousands. He experienced the media blitz that comes with simply being associated with Kentucky. When he arrived on campus in August, he found out what it’s like to be treated like a celebrity.  Noel may have had an idea what was on the horizon when he committed to play for John Calipari, but there’s no way he could have possibly understood without going through it himself.  For goodness’ sake, someone created a account for Noel’s hair.


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