Enes Kanter ready for camp after made-for-reality-TV spree during offseason

Enes Kanter - photo by Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Enes Kanter – photo by Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

If  has a breakout season that resembles how much he broke out of his shell this summer, opposing teams better watch out.  In case you don’t follow the breakout entertainer on Twitter, the formerly reserved player’s offseason escapades included (but were not limited to): a trip to Playboy headquarters, Venice Beach fun, female friends, chilling with Peter Brady (OK, actor Christopher Knight), kissing an alligator and holding a tarantula, snakes and other reptiles at Gatorland, playing a hotel harp, shopping for bling, posing with team at a game, skydiving (or not) and sending out requests to get a blonde date for a Cheesecake Factory dinner and a brunette to give him a post-meal massage.  Yes, the self-proclaimed Gingerbread Man (ask him) included photos from most of those adventures that took place in what became known as the “Summer of Enes.”


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