Jon Hood says Nerlens Noel blocks shots better than Anthony Davis

Jon Hood - photo by Stephanie Parke |
Jon Hood – photo by Stephanie Parke |

Could really be a better shot blocker than Anthony Davis? Various analysts have suggested it was possible but it’s hard to believe, given that Davis ranks fifth on UK’s career record for blocks in one season at UK.  Junior forward doubted it, too, but now he’s a believer.  “Nerlens is not Anthony but he blocks shots better than Anthony. I didn’t believe it either but you play one pickup game with him and you are like ‘Oh yeah, he does,’ ” Hood declared. “Nerlens doesn’t tip anything away. Nerlens goes to put it in the third row. He helps me a lot because when I have to guard Alex, there are times when Kyle doesn’t guard Alex and I have to and he just takes off down the lane and I’ll stand him up and he’ll spin and he will shoot one over the top of me and Nerlens will come across the lane and send it into the wall way over there.


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