There’s little reason to expect anything different in Calipari’s 4th year

John Calipari and NCAA Trophy - photo by David J. Phillip | AP
and Trophy – photo by David J. Phillip | AP

It was just a few minutes after the 2011-12  Wildcats had finished their season — a dominant, borderline unheard-of season — with a national title. Like many of my fellow media members, I was crowding around Kentucky on the court at the Superdome, grabbing quick interviews and soaking it up, when the net-cutting celebration finished and the Wildcats and coach started to walk down from the court back to the locker room. Before they got there, just as Calipari was set to disappear from the floor and into the lower concourse tunnel, a woman in a royal blue shirt leaned over the corner railing and unleashed the following:   “Wooo! Coach Cal! Win it again next year, Coach! WIN IT AGAIN! ”  Calipari was just minutes removed from cutting down the nets in New Orleans. He had just overseen the orchestration of an insanely talented and insanely balanced team’s run to a 38-2 record, a sure-handed romp through six tournament wins to the sport’s highest achievement. He hadn’t addressed the media yet or gone back in the locker room to spray celebratory Gatorade around; he’d barely gotten through his “One Shining Moment.”


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