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There’s a chance Terrence Jones will end up the best pick of the day for the Rockets

Terrence Jones - photo by Brett Davis | US Presswire

– photo by Brett Davis | US Presswire

Meet Mr. Terrence Jones, the 18th pick of the 2012 draft, and the Rockets third pick of the day. There's a chance he'll end up the best pick of the day, for the Rockets, maybe for anyone. It's not impossible, and I'm becoming convinced he should have gone in the top 12, maybe earlier.  By the numbers, Mr. Jones is 6'9″ and weighs a muscled up 252 pounds. His wingspan is a positive, at 7'2″. (caw!) Let's get some perspective on those numbers. Of the centersdrafted that night Jones' wingspan and reach is significantly exceed only by  and Festus Ezeli. He weighs more than Leonard or Zeller, with equal or great reach and wingspan than either.  How people can make a case that guy who exceeds the measurables of most  centerprospects in his draft class won't be able to play power forward is beyond me. Terrence Jones is faster, stronger, heavier, and more athletic with greater wingspan and reach, in some combination, than any of those players. At power forward from his class, John Henson exceeds Jones' reach and wingspan, but he weighs almost 40lbs less.  is heavier, but cannot jump, at all.


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