Former Cat Nazr Mohammed feels blessed to be playing with his hometown team

Nazr Mohammed - photo by Tammie Brown |
Nazr Mohammed – photo by Tammie Brown |

Some professional athletes call playing in their hometown a distraction. For Kenwood Academy product Nazr Mohammed, it’s a blessing.  “You have to know how to say no, but I’m one of those guys who people say has always acted beyond my years,” Mohammed said. “People do want to be a part of your life or want favors. But at this stage of my career, this is a gift.”  Mohammed, 35, is entering his 15th season. He won a championship with the 2005 Spurs and made it to the Finals last season with the Thunder.  “It was a great experience,” Mohammed said. “It’s a group of great guys, young guys. They’re going to be good for a while. I was disappointed we didn’t win the Finals, but it’s a good experience to be back.


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