DeMarcus Cousin becoming a leader?

DeMarcus Cousins - photo by Duane Burleson | AP
DeMarcus Cousins – photo by Duane Burleson | AP

is rarely at a loss for words. And the Kings center is working to make sure his teammates hear them.  Cousins’ evolution as a leader continues in his third season. It’s a role Cousins embraces, but he’s still learning the best way to get his message across to teammates.  “I’m trying (to lead),” Cousins said. “Just in a better way that will be accepted more and accepted better.”  It’s one thing to be a fiery leader. But if that intensity disturbs teammates, Cousins might as well be talking to a wall.  Cousins is a bright player, but his observations and messages are often ignored if they are shouted to teammates. It’s something Kings coaches and players have relayed to Cousins, who says he’s listening.


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