Calipari wants Wiltjer, Harrow close and leading

Ryan Harrow - photo by Britney McIntosh | UK Athletics
Ryan Harrow – photo by Britney McIntosh | Athletics

When you lose the top six players from last year’s team – and two of them went 1-2 in the Draft – but there are still expectations of another run at an title, the obvious question becomes: Who’s going to lead? addressed that question today at basketball media day.  “I sat down with Ryan Harrow, and told them (him and Kyle Wiltjer) they need to start working out together.  They need to be in practice early together.  They need to be after practice together, kind of doing what (Dirk) Nowitzki and Steve Nash did, where they did their workouts together and they got real comfortable with each other on the court, especially in a late game.  You’re talking about two guys that are going to have their hands on the ball a lot.  So, we just had that talk about five days ago.”


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