Jimmy Dykes: “Kentucky basketball is a strong brand right now”

Jimmy Dykes recently had a Q&A session with ESPN’s Jimmy Dykes.  When asked his thoughts on right now?  “You can’t deny their talent when they step on the floor. They are going to be the youngest team in college basketball — again. Those aren’t normal freshmen. They are going to be a great defensive basketball team, much as Calipari’s teams have always been even back to his last two or three years at Memphis. They are going to be a terrific shot-blocking and rebounding team. Their offense is going to grow as the year goes on. I don’t think they know yet exactly how they are going to play offensively, but defensively they can be really, really good. I was impressed by what I saw.   Kentucky basketball is a strong brand right now. With their recent verbal commitments for 2013, you just don’t see an ending to it. All you can see is a continuation to what they are doing — Calipari and UK.”


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