Former Cat Nazr Mohammed as good as advertised for Chicago Bulls

Nazr Mohammed - photo from US Presswire
Nazr Mohammed – photo from US Presswire

When catches up with his former teammates Tuesday night, they’ll see the veteran center doing what he did when the Thunder rolled to the Finals last season.  In fact, the solid rebounding, dependable midrange jumper and consistent defense is pretty much what Mohammed has mastered throughout his 14 NBA seasons.  “I wouldn’t say he’s playing better (than I thought) because he came very highly recommended,” coach Tom Thibodeau said. “I was expecting a lot from him. I had spoken with a number of coaches that had had him previously and the story was the same. Every team said he was a great worker, totally committed to the team and keeps himself in great shape. And he’ll be ready whatever role you ask him to play.”


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