Comparisons of Anthony Davis to Tim Duncan already are looming large

Anthony Davis - photo by David Grunfeld,
Anthony Davis – photo by David Grunfeld,

The long arms are the same, and so is the stoic facade.  The most anticipated rookie in the this season combines a superstar’s skill set with a 12th-man’s work ethic, and a capacity for detail that borders on obsessive-compulsive.  So it is not without merit that New Orleans’ Anthony Davis — the precocious 19-year-old from drafted No. 1 overall in June — has earned impossible billing as “The Next Tim Duncan” among some observers.  To this common perception, the original Tim Duncan offers this humble rejoinder:  “I’m not gone yet,” said Duncan, the Spurs’ 36-year-old, two-time league MVP. “Can I be me for a little while?”


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