Cats anxious to play someone else, test different lineups

Ryan Harrow and Jarrod Polson - photo by Walter Cornett
and Jarrod Polson – photo by Walter Cornett

blows his whistle and shouts out a play. The point guard, Ryan Harrow, listens to the call and echoes it his teammates.  There’s a problem.  Jarrod Polson, the guy who is guarding him, has been running the same play for two-and-a-half weeks as well. He knows exactly what Harrow is going to do and where he’s going to go. The object is to play defense like they always do, but when you know what’s going to happen, tendencies to get a jumpstart begin to develop.  “It’s tough playing against each other every day,” graduate student transfer said. “Every day we know the plays, so guys cheat and it’s hard to execute.”


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