For Lane Goodwin’s father George, getting benched an uplifting experience

George Goodwin - photo by Walter Cornett |
George Goodwin – photo by Walter Cornett |

With his late son on his mind, George Goodwin had the thrill of a lifetime Monday night when he sat on the University of basketball team’s bench as an honorary assistant coach during the Wildcats’ exhibition victory over Transylvania.

His 13-year-old son Lane, who died of cancer on Oct. 17, was a huge fan who earned the support of thousands during his three-year fight against the disease.

George Goodwin, 39, was given the chance to sit on the bench by an anonymous donor who bid on a prize package after participating in coach ’s fantasy camp this fall.

As Goodwin was introduced in Rupp Arena, thousands gave a thumbs-up — a symbol of support for Lane that became an international phenomenon online — and an ovation in honor of the family.

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