Rajon Rondo taught algebra at a Boston high school

Rajon Rondo - photo by Winslow Townson | AP
Rajon Rondo – photo by Winslow Townson | AP

Every time an point guard steps on the court, his task is to execute his team’s offense in a manner that produces points as frequently and efficiently as possible. It is, at base, an exercise in problem solving; given the myriad variables at play — whether fatigue has flattened out the arc on Teammate X’s jumper, if Defender Y’s doing too much ball-watching and leaving a back-cut open, etc. — you have to determine the best course of action for getting buckets. Some struggle to get the order of operations right, while others get by just sticking to the formula. The best, though, understand how to manipulate the evolving equation to their advantage, consistently finding answers while leaving opposing defenses wishing they’d show their work.

point guard Rajon Rondo’s a member of that talented upper tier of triggermen, and he brought his gift for solving for X’s and O’s to a ninth-grade algebra class at Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester, Mass., on Tuesday morning.

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