These Wildcats don’t have to be as good as last season’s Wildcats

Archie Goodwin - photo by Walter Cornett |
– photo by Walter Cornett |

of ranks No. 2 in his rankings and says this about the Cats:  “The truth is that though I do think this team will take an early loss that'll send the rabid fan base into a state of pandemonium, Kentucky's players are just too talented to not develop into a scary outfit by the time the heart of the rolls around. Who will be the best player? I guess it could be . Or Archie Goodwin. Or . We'll see. But at least one of them — and possibly all three — will emerge as a serious candidate and position Kentucky to make a third consecutive Final Four and win a second consecutive national title. Again, these Wildcats don't have to be as good as last season's Wildcats. That's important to keep in mind. They just have to be as good as this season's Cardinals, Hoosiers, Buckeyes, Wolverines and Spartans, and being that good given the amount of talent in place is a reasonable and attainable goal.”

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