Duke writer calls Calipari a sore sport and lousy comedian

Nerlens Noel - photo from FoxSports.com
Nerlens Noel – photo from .com

When  chastised Duke’s defense for excessive flopping the other night  across the nation applauded  his honesty including fans not accustomed to applauding for Calipari.  I think Cal just stated the obvious.  Five called charges is an abnormally high number but apparently the fanbase and the writers that keep them informed don’t see it like that.  Their perception is much different than ours obviously   And man , do they love their charging.  They love it so  much they devote an entire article to the subject.  This whole article makes me laugh.  Out loud.  Here’s Barry Jacobs from the Sports Journal:

may be onto something here.

More likely, he’s a bit of a sore sport.

Or, if you believe the coach’s post-game backtracking, he’s just a lousy comedian.

resorted to an admittedly uncommon maneuver to take advantage of ’s young players in a 75-68 victory the other night. Calipari apparently regarded this as unfair; the Blue Devils simply should have accepted the Wildcats’ superior athleticism and not resorted to fooling the freshman-dominated squad into turnovers.”

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