Video: John Wall’s new Reebok commercial is a good one

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Here’s a kid from Raleigh who’s all about hanging with friends, spending time with his family and playing basketball, which he happens to be pretty good at. In fact, has jaw-dropping talent, earning him the number one draft pick in 2010. But just by talking to him, you’d never know it.

You don’t become the most sought-after rookie in the league without drawing massive attention. The modest 22-year-old has had to quickly get used to the spotlights and expectations of becoming one of the greatest point guards in pro basketball. But that hasn’t stopped Wall from being grounded as just an easygoing guy from who loves games and crab legs.

By staying close to his roots, he realizes that just because he’s made it to the NBA, doesn’t mean he’s made it. He knows he still has a lot of work left. But balancing this humbleness is Wall’s tenacity and unshakable work ethic that fuels his commitment to becoming the best he can be.

This is the season that defines as a player. His sights are firmly set on the playoffs and ultimately the championship. No small feat. But Wall has never prepared more. He’s ready to shoulder the responsibility it takes. Ready to prove he’s more than headlines. John Wall will stop at nothing to become the player he knows he can be, propelling him to be a true Classic on the court.

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