Loss to Notre Dame exposes Kentucky’s identity and leadership issues

John Calipari - AP Photo
John Calipari – AP Photo

After his team dismantled in what amounted to a nationally televised infomercial for and after students had stormed the floor to celebrate thumping the Cats, Fighting Irish head coach Mike Brey said, “I’m glad we played them now, because they’re really young and talented and they’re going to be better in January and February.”

It would be really tough for them to be worse.

looked to be everything critics (and John Calipari) said they were right now. They were timid, disorganized on offense, unable to defend the three or grab a rebound. There was a lack of leadership on the floor and communication breakdowns on defense left them looking foolish on a number of possessions. If there was something that could go wrong for the Cats, there’s a pretty good chance that it did Thursday night in South Bend.

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