Kentucky needs Kyle Wiltjer to become more than a catch and shoot player

Kyle Wiltjer - photo by Tammie Brown |
Kyle Wiltjer – photo by Tammie Brown |

 indicated he would be more aggressive after a 6-of-30 cold streak from beyond the arc, but he didn’t need to against on Saturday because the Bison left him wide open. He was 7-of-9 from behind the three-point line, scoring 23 points to lead the Cats to a demonstrative victory. Following ’s victory previous over Portland, Wiltjer said he needed to do more to get open. ”Trying to be more aggressive,” he said. “Trying to get easier baskets. Mix it up a little bit.” But the overarching question for becomes: When Wiljter is closely guarded, can he adapt to become the offensive threat the Wildcats need in the half court set? We analyzed his game on Saturday for clues to whether Wiltjer can become more than simply a catch and shoot player.

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