Seems like every year, Louisville loses to someone they shouldn’t lose to in December

Rick Pitino

Be forewarned that this is from, a fansite.  I was interested in their perspective on the rivalry game and I was surprised that they weren’t oozing with confidence for a win:  “ 2010. Charlotte AND Western Carolina in 2009. WKU in 2008. Dayton in 2007. in 2006. December out of conference upset losses to unranked teams are basically an annual tradition. Pitino’s teams always gets better as the season goes on, and each of those teams ended up much better than they looked in those games. But those losses sucked then and we all still remember them.

Last year’s team managed to avoid such a loss, and we didn’t know it at the time, but those avoided losses were much bigger deals than we thought. The close win against Ohio looked much better after the Bobcats made a run in the tournament and almost knocked off UNC. Vandy ended up winning the Tournament, making them the best team in the SEC last year by any objective measure. We have already dodged a couple bullets so far this year, beating Northern Iowa and in games that were much closer than we wanted but that by the time the year is over should look different than they look today.”

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