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Kentucky basketball players burn between 5,500 and 6,000 calories per day

Kentucky Practice


How do we know this?  Because the monitoring system doesn't lie.  That's right.  Kentucky basketball players practice and play in games with a device that measures their exertion rate, sport zones, caloric expenditure and heart rate.  From :  “The device gives us the ability to monitor and check how much effort players are giving in real time. Because we are able to read their heart rates, now we know who is maxing out in practice and who is hiding, who thinks they're going hard and who isn't, who is able to push themselves through pain, and who has mental toughness to be special.

Everybody perceives his exertion level differently. Some feel they are working extremely hard and they're not, and others perceive that they're not working very hard when they really are. My hope is to get everybody in that second category. I want them to realize what their exertion level is in games compared to what it is in practice, and this device helps us do that.”

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On This Day In UK Basketball History

On February 22, 1969, Dan Issel joined the 1,000-point club.  He did it in 49 games.


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