Kyle Wiltjer’s defensive woes are a big concern for John Calipari

Kyle Wiltjer - photo by Tammie Brown |
Kyle Wiltjer – photo by Tammie Brown |

Only a few possessions into Thursday night’s opener between and Vanderbilt, it wasn’t hard to figure out the Commodores’ strategy to try to spring an upset.  They were going to attack  off the dribble until he proved he could stop them.

Sometimes the player Wiltjer was guarding would merely isolate him and try to go at the rim. Other times Wiltjer’s man would set a high ball screen for guard Kedren Johnson in hopes Wiltjer would switch it and have to defend a quicker man off the dribble. Regardless of what did to attack Wiltjer, however, more often than not it resulted in a basket.

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