Cats learning that buy-in, fun go hand-in-hand

Kentucky Huddle - photo by Walter Cornett |
Huddle – photo by Walter Cornett |

Nary a press conference has passed in recent weeks without some mention of “buying in.”  Do players understand their roles? Are they embracing them? How close are they to prioritizing the success of the team above all else?

At no point this season has Coach Cal been closer to being able to answer those questions with an across the board “yes” than after Kentucky’s 75-53 win at on Saturday. The Wildcats delivered the “whomping” Calipari said he wasn’t sure they were capable of, and something else happened along the way.

“They’re starting to do it (buy in) and they had doing it,” Calipari said on Monday. “Like they enjoyed playing and they bounced and jumped and they chest bumped each other. We’ve been waiting all year for it.”

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