Cats still a work in progress on physical front

Ryan Harrow - photo by Bruce Newman | Oxford Eagle
Ryan Harrow – photo by Bruce Newman | Oxford Eagle

There’s no mistaking the fact that John Calipari’s team has made strides. The Wildcats have won five of six and are a bad second half against away from a 7-1 start to Southeastern Conference play.

is a completely different player on both ends of the floor. is starting to tap into his nearly limitless potential on a much more regular basis. is protecting the rim better than anyone in the country.

Even so, the Cats have a ways to go, particularly in one area.

“We’re getting better,” Calipari said on Monday. “And individual players are now starting to feed off of each other. But we’re still, when it really gets rough and tough, we got a couple guys that just can’t be in the game, and that’s what hurts you.”

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