Bracketologist Lunardi sees single-digit seed in Kentucky’s future

Joe Lunardi

“I think is an tournament team. I think they are a single-digit NCAA tournament team and at the end of the day, they are the second-best team in the and will have a single-digit seed, beyond the range of a eight/nine game.”

So says ESPN’s “Bracketology” analyst, Joe Lunardi. But in posting his twice-weekly projections of the tournament field for .com, he is trying to speculate on how the selection committee would select and seed the field on that given day. That’s why Lunardi pegged the Wildcats as a 10-seed in last Friday’s report, even though he thinks they’ll end up higher.

“I do think they will get on a streak of sorts. I don’t think it will be nine out of 10, but I think it will be seven or eight out of 10 and that will gain ground on the field,” Lunardi said on “The Leach Report” radio show.

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