Video: Eric Bledsoe makes the block, fools referee

Although the Clippers loss to the  was often tough to watch, still provided a few jaw-dropping plays as he almost always does. His block of Martell Webster’s fastbreak layup attempt was so unexpected that one of the referee’s (I don’t know which one) blew the whistle in anticipation of a foul — and then had to admit that he was wrong and rule it an inadvertent whistle giving the ball out of bounds to the Clippers.

You almost never see this happen. Inadvertent whistles happen, but so do bad calls, and refs are usually pretty loathe to admit a mistake. If there’s any chance they can stand by the original call, they almost always do. Seeing Webster headed to the rim and Bledsoe angling to cut him off, it’s clear one of the referees simply assumed that a foul was imminent. But if you watch and listen to the play carefully, you can tell that whoever blew the whistle immediately realized his mistake. It was a half-hearted, truncated tweet.

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